Our Privacy Policy

We hope you are satisfied with our service. Usually, after a customer buys the product from our shop, we deliver it within 3 days. As there is no upfront payment required there is no reason to worry where your privacy will be. We strive to provide maximum convenience to every customer.

After buying any product from Sunnexs Shop, you will pay when it reaches you. Usually, if you are an old customer of our shop, there will be a special gift for you. There will also be facilities for old customers. If you feel like talking to us directly after buying a product, then contact us on whatsapp or company office number. Also, we have a Facebook page where you can talk live. From the Facebook page, you will know how many customers are buying the products they want & Easy Online Shopping.

Usually we work with Tech Item Such as Earphones, Smart Watch, Fashion Watch, Trending Phone Etc. There is not much difficulty in such products. Moreover, with the modern era, our demand is increasing. Various factions of Tech Items are increasing. Among the smart watches that are currently available is the GT20 SmartWatch which is complete with Android system. You can use it like an Android Phone, say something good at a low price, SmartWatch Under 1500.

Now let’s come to how to change after buying the product. Generally, if you have bought a product, you can change it by contacting our office within 3 days. In this case you have to pay the delivery charge only. We are serving you with hundreds of facilities, we are coming to satisfy you very easily.