How can I trust you to buy products?

You will get our Shop office number / whatsapp number. Moreover, we do cash on delivery of any product all over Bangladesh

How to return after taking the product?

We usually allow 3 days. Now if you find any problem in the product within 3 days then you can return it by calling the office number.

Advance Delivery Charge to be paid?

No sir, you don't have to pay any advance, you will pay after receiving the goods. You can take through Cash on delivery

Do you want to talk Live Chat with us?

Contact our Whatsapp Number 01772879444 to talk directly

How many days will it take to receive the product?

Sir if your location is in Dhaka then you will get it within 1/2 day. And if it is outside Dhaka then it will take 2/3 days. But in time your product will be delivered to your home.


    Contact us

    You can definitely buy any product from our website. Because you are with us You can chat live. You can highlight the pros and cons of your product to us.
    Moreover, the page provided our contact information. Now coming to the main point, if you buy any product from us it will be delivered to your home within 3 days. Also we do not accept any advance payments. Where disappointment has no reason. You can chat with us on WhatsApp 24 hours about your product. You can also visit our Sunnexs Shop Facebook Page, where many customers are buying the products they want without any problems.Its One Of The Best Online Shopping in Bangladesh.
    Then if you think of returning a product after buying it, then contact us within 3 days.
    Office Number : 01576497617
    Whatsapp : 01772879444
    Live Chat with us